Many people mistaken a personal trainer as someone who simply hands them an exercise or diet plan and watches them execute it. At Fitnesstrance we have developed a dynamic method of personal training that is unlike anything you have experienced before. We believe in designing a program that is based on your nutritional and or fitness goals and create a step by step way for you to learn every aspect of how to most efficiently achieve your goals. Each exercise will be specifically geared toward you achieving the best results possible. We will ensure that you know everything from the smallest details of how to prepare food to the correct ways of preforming various exercises. Along with this we will teach you the secrets of how to feel more energized throughout your day, sleep better at night, be more motivated for your workouts, and develop the daily habits you need to make health and fitness a lifestyle, not just a faze in your life.


Competition Prep

Diet, exercise, and performance enhancing supplement programs for Bodybuilding, Men’s/Women’s Physique, Figure, and Bikini. Whether your a beginner, novice or experienced Competitor. Half way across the world or a local competitor, were dedicated to your success 100%. We well be available to you via Skype, phone calls, text message, or e-mail throughout your competition prep. We do everything from diet and exercise programs for you’re competition prep, posing, routines, hair and makeup.  We can help with everything you need to peak your body and make your competition day less stressful so you can look and feel your best.

Health, Wellness and Weight Loss

reaching your optimal body compensation is essential for living a long and healthy life. With our knowledge on weightless we can design an safe and affective strategy and program. So you can finally achieve the weight you desire.

Youth and Youth Sport’s Specific Training

For ages 17 and under we teach the fundamentals of weight training diet and exercise. Learning how to safely preform exercises and instilling good nutritional habitats is essential for the development of our youth. Along with this we also specialize in sports specific strength and agility training. Wether your just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level fitnesstrance can help you.

Senior Training

Incorporating a diet and exercise program is especially important as we get older so that our bodies can function and stay young and healthy. Here at fitnesstrance we tailor a program that is manageable but still challenging enough for you to achieve a optimal level of health.

Pre and Post Natal

Pre and Post pregnancy time is one of the most important times to keep extra care of your body. Pregnancy can put extra stress on your body but making good nutritional choices and having a sound exercise program can help alleviate this stress and enhance your mood. The decisions you make during your pregnancy will influence the outcome of your body post pregnancy and determine how easy it will be to get the pounds off and restore the elasticity in your skin. Wether you’re in your third trimester or your child is off to preschool its never to late to start investing in your self and get your body back to its optimal state.